Thursday, April 14, 2005
To be or not to be ... a lamb

Whethere or not I am a sacrificial lamb, or lamb of another variety ...I am surely not a poet. Despite that, here is an attempt I made. Enjoy...

*Part One*

Fleece as white as snow
Hoping the inside will never show
I am a lamb
That I am

Upon weak little limbs, I stand
Fear of not fulfilling the demands
I am a lamb
That I am

Now shorn skin of piety
I am sacrificed to society
I am a lamb
That I am

*Part Two*

I am not a lamb
No, I'm not
I stand apart from the crowd
Voice my beliefs aloud
Stand tall, unbowed
(before mankind)
But fall in humility
Soley before Rabee
Wholey before Rabee

I am not a lamb
No, I am not
Do you doubt me
because of my stature?
Oh foolish one
Does that really matter?

Posted at 4/14/2005 6:03:01 pm by zremmas


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