Sunday, November 13, 2005
The Almaghrib Experience

Asalam alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

The class Rules of Engagement was changed to The Code Evolved. Alhamdulillah it was taught by Sheikh Yaser Birjas.

It's nearly impossible to sum up the incredible 6-day class in one blog entry. There are a few things which are ingrained deeply though. So here are the top 10 moments of TCE (although every moment was incredible) (disclaimer: I purposely did not include any notes as I am unable to rank them in amazing-ness.)

  • 10: Strawberry short-cake.
  • 9: Scouting for a snack machine at UofM (a group of former UofM sisters and outoftowners hunting for a candy/drink machine, getting a bit lost and dashing back to make it in time for the lecture.)
  • 8: Not feeling like chicken tonight. (All the almaghribers- ages ranging from 16- 60- stood up with their elbows out, saying these awe-inspiring words in unison...while flapping. =P)
  • 7:Swings in the playground (Alhamdulillah!! Swings are awesome anywhere. Swinging with cool Almaghrib-Mubeeny sisters is even more awesome. =) )
  • 6: It is better to have studied under a chandelier than a candlelight.
  • 5:Sheikh Yasir reciting Ghuraba. (MashaAllah...I can still hear it.)
  • 4:Sheikh Yasir leading us in salaah.
  • 3:Bonding with my Mubeenys over chunky chocolate cookies.
  • 2:The Fragrance of the Child story. (Sh. Yasir reached into his pocket and pulled out a very tiny thing. I couldn't see it from where I was. He said, "this is a little clip from my daughter's hair. When I opened my suitcase, it was right there... the first thing I did, without thinking, I smelt it. The fragrance of a child is really something else for a parent..." He continued with his stories until he had us all nearly in tears.)
  • 1: Realizing how little we truly know.

  • Posted at 11/13/2005 10:35:06 pm by zremmas

    December 16, 2005   02:02 PM PST

    I wish I could have gone. :'( Glad you had fun...& sorry I'm just now looking at this post...
    December 5, 2005   07:21 AM PST
    amazing memories! makes me want to take the next class! :) i love ghuraba! wish i could've been there! :)

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