Entry: FREE TASHNUBA!!! Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Tashnuba Age 16.

Jamaica, NY 11427

The following information was recorded on April 05,
2005. All information was recorded first hand from the
parents of Tashnuba:

Two weeks prior to March 24th Tashnuba a 16 year old
high school student who attended Environmental Studies
High School in Manhattan was visited by two detectives
from the local precinct. The detectives came without
warrants and spoke to Tashnuba’s mother. The
detectives were identified by Tashnuba’s mother as one
being Pakistani female and the other white American
male who were both in civilian clothing. Tashnuba’s
mother told them to come back when her husband was
home, but the detectives insisted on talking to her
and coming inside the house. They did not show her any
warrant or any paper. Tashnuba’s mother sincerely let
both detectives in. The detectives came in claiming to
investigate Tashnuba’s absence from school while she
never been to school since September 2004. Tashnuba’s
mother explained that Tashnuba would be doing home
schooling and will be obtaining a GED due to problems
arising at school with her Islamic dress code and the
school’s dress code. The male detective asked if
Tashnuba had plans to go to Saudi Arabia. The female
detective then proceeded to search the house and
entered Tashnuba’s room. There the detective searched
through Tashnuba’s belongings for more than one hour
without any warrant. The next day Tashnuba’s mother
received a phone call from the female detective who
fabricated to Tashnuba’s mother that Tashnuba believed
in extremist beliefs and promoted concepts like
suicide bombing. Tashnuba made it very clear that she
was pro-life and was against such concepts. The mother
said she didn’t raise Tashnuba with such concepts.
Tashnuba validated the fabrication made by the
detectives and reaffirmed that she believes in a
peaceful and pro-life religion.

On March 24th Tashnuba was visited by two agents at 5
AM in the morning. Her mother was approached and the
agents told her they were from INS. Special Agents:

Wai Tak Ng - Tel #: 646 – 335 – 7728
Peter Decivces - Tel #: 646 – 773 – 8483

came without any form of warrant or paper. They
claimed they were from the Immigration and Customs
Enforcement agency. The agents approached the mother,
who did not speak English fluently, and requested that
she sign a document (the father was not home at that
morning). According to the mother the document was
permission to only ask Tashnuba questions. The agents
told her mother that the reason they were taking
Tashnuba was because of a political asylum case and
that her case was dismissed because she did not show
up at her appointment date. According to Tashnuba’s
mother there were about ten to twelve agents who came
into the house and searched through the house for
almost two hours. They confiscated Tashnuba’s
computer, her reading materials including personal
journals, notebooks and her mother’s cell phone. The
agents insisted they take 16 year old Tashnuba alone
with them to Federal Plaza and not her mother because
of Tashnuba’s four month infant brother. Even though
Tashnuba’s brother and sister were evolved in the same
political asylum case only Tashnuba was taken and
detained. She was held at the Plaza for eleven hours,
from 7AM to 6PM. In tears Tashnuba’s mother said that
at the Plaza Tashnuba was not questioned about her
immigration but threatened that if she did not comply
her brothers and sisters would be sent to foster homes
and her parents would be deported back to Bangladesh.
After being threatened Tashnuba was asked if she was
part of any terrorist organizations and interrogated
her about her beliefs and conviction in Islam.

Tashnuba was then taken to Pennsylvania and held there
at a youth detention facility at the following

Berks Family Shelter Care Facility
1243 County Welfare Road
Leesport, PA 19533

Till today she is being held there. Tashnuba who
believes in wearing the Islamic veil the “nikab” is
not allowed to wear the dress code at her current
detention center. This violates her ability to
practice her religion.

The parents proceeded to contact an immigration lawyer
to free their 16 year old daughter. The lawyer listed
below was given $2,500 in advance and promised her
release but the lawyer refused to show up on the first

Brian J. Tucker
212 – 840 - 0050
1501 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Suite #1819 or #1918

The lawyer to date refused to directly communicate to
the parents and said Pennsylvania was out of his way.
According to the lawyer the judge has stated that the
lawyer needs to provide evidence that she’s not a
terrorist. Any inquiry made by the parents about the
case was angrily rejected by the lawyer. The lawyer
would not return phone calls and seems uncertain in
representing Tashnuba’s case for the next hearing
scheduled Friday, April 8, 2005.

Upon her recent visit Tashnuba’s mother said she saw
Tashnuba after two weeks and she was very upset.
Officer and supervisor at the facility:

Trish Peppy

allowed the mother to see Tashnuba and speak to her.
This was the first time they were allowed to speak to
her and she told them of what events had taken place
in the last two weeks.

The family has been torn by the abduction and
detention of 16 year old minor Tashnuba. Tashnuba’s
family now live in fear. They are unable to sleep at
night and keep all their doors and windows locked.
They are even afraid to step outside. Tashnuba’s
father said that it is a very difficult state for
anyone to endure, to watch their child being taken
away from them and not hear from them for more than
two weeks. Tashnuba’s father believes his family is
being singled out as Muslims like all the other Muslim
Americans who have been harassed after September 11th.

May Allah(swt) protect her and preserve her, ameen...



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